Monday, July 15, 2013


Growing up in NY there were 2 rules about attire that most followed………… never wear white after Labor Day……… and never wear leather in the summer……….. the former was more because white signified summer (white tee’s, dresses and capri’s)and in September summer was definitely over and so the wearing of white was not practical in the cooler months alongside heavier clothing….the latter was definitely more frown upon…. One would be beset upon with open comments such as ‘hot leather wearing in the summer time’ and ‘no you didn’t!’..… in fairness 10 years ago the only people really wearing leather in the summer were bikers and prostitutes……….. today’s fashion is more individual and you wear what you like…….. or is it that I am more individual so I see it that way??........... summer leathers are perfect for summer evenings..…………. I cant wait for October so I can don my all white suit!...

Wearing: leather top Whistles, leather shorts Kooples, shoes Theory 

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  1. The right word is Stunning!
    You know to be so elegant and chic.

    WOuld you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) Let me know

  2. Very beautiful photos and nice outfit

  3. Fashion for me is always down to three things, the know-how, comfortability and cnfidence.And I have to say, you uniquely have all those qualities . You've shown what a class act you are time and time again!! You look so beautiful in those outfit.You can't go wrong!! Gorgeous!

  4. Just lovely. ..luv the scenery. ..

  5. amazing outfit!!

  6. Practical or impractical, who cares, you look fierce and wonderful, that top is gorg!

  7. I'm waiting for the next look!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Very cool outfit!

  9. Nice outfit :)

  10. love this! looking like a power lady!

    Myra x


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