Sunday, June 2, 2013


Growing up in New York, my friends and I felt we were the creators of all things dope. We felt like if we didn't create it then we innovated it and at that time no one could tell us different...... be it fashion or vocabulary or just a way of style and life... Well folks, that changed when I started to travel the world and I discovered things that were already soooo dope that wait!, ... dare I say....... that I couldn't make my version of better???.... that I did not create and was soooo perfect that there was zero room to innovate??............ yes many of these things did exist and I evolved leaving that type of arrogance behind and I began to welcome these things I saw as perfection in their sublime design of complete beauty....... Today I still  make things 'mine' and  'my own' by pulling it together in not so much of complete innovation but more of a gentle personalization........ some things are best kept in their natural state and to cut and pull and reshape would spoil the beauty and take away the essence....

Here I am wearing 'DOPE' tee by Stamped, leather shoes Converse, jacket by Theyskens Theroy, cuff by Hermes, bag Gucci, scarf Alexander Mcqueen, sunglasses by Tom Ford.

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