Monday, June 3, 2013


In France everything is ‘smaller’….. Bijou…….you sit in a café and the person next to you is almost on your lap and you on theirs…….. you turn, you smile, they say ‘hi’ you shift slightly as to excuse yourself for invading their space and they continue to smile with an ease of knowing everything is smaller and so its ok……and so you settle into your bijou space and make it your own. Bijou, that beautiful French word that means delicate, elegant. This year in Cannes, France I found my Bijou space. With the house busy with meetings and parties and all the coming and going……….. I needed a little area for me to chill and relax... It became known as the ‘Bijou’……… and that’s where you would find me….. 

Wearing sweater by Zara, belt Isabel Marant, jeans topshop, shoes Chanel 

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